Commonly asked questions to Purely Said

Where can I find work as a voice over artist?

1. Respondent

2. Freelancer

3. Fiverr

4. Maven

5. Upwork

6. Code word Petite goldfish This gets you software for free you get to beta test. Everything from physical recording equipment to software. They email you each time there is something available.

7. Utest

8. Annika's Freelance Jobs

9. Mandy

Do you earn money off these recordings?

A. No. I created them and this site to help others in a time of need.

Can I burn these to a CD?

A. Yes. That's why I created zip files for easier downloading.

Can I donate my voice?

A. Yes! Please by all means.

Can I have a link exchange with you?

A. Only if your content relates sure!

Can I share your website with others?

A. Yes, thank you!

Do you use social media?

A. Yes, those links are at the bottom of every page.

Do you accept video donations?

A. Yes! We would love them! We would post them on Youtube, Tiktok, and Facebook!

What can I use to transfer files?

A. https://wetransfer.com/