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Volunteers are essential in fulfilling our mission. Purely Said is seeking volunteers of their voice and time. If you would like to donate your voice to Purely Said in a recording we are compiling two albums that can be used to create two CDs with. One of all female voices and one of all male containing the inspirational messages of comfort. While PurelySaid respects your gift/talent, unfortunately, unable to offer money for your time.

Volunteer Your Voice!
Each voiceover artist is being asked to record any encouraging lines they can think of. A few samples are:

Don't give up.
The pain you are in will pass.
You are strong enough.

You may record as many audio tracks as you like, and by all means, feel free to make up your own along these lines!

If you need recording software just about every mobile device you can grab something. A few I find useful that are free are as follows:

Direction: Compassionate, comforting a child in need. As though you were talking to your loved one who needs to hear these very words.

Please ONLY send the audio recordings to us: postmaster@purelysaid.com File format is flexible as we can handle MP3, WAV, MP4, OGG and more. While we understand not everyone can record in stereo we can still use mono files. So please don't be discouraged by this. We can also use videos! Purely Said now has our own Purely Said YouTube channel! Do not email about link exchanges or offering web design services, you will be reported for spam. Thank you.

As a thank you for volunteering your voice each voice donation will have their name and website credited right here on Purely Said! [Unless otherwise requested.]

When sending the audio files please send your website link, and name! Donating your voice is truly an awesome gift for so many.

Please keep in mind that the donated audio tracks may be cleaned up to remove background noise/static, ensure high quality such as stereo, and perhaps the volume adjusted.

Each album can be used to create a physical CD from Purely Said will be offered free of charge(*) to aid those in pain. Files will also be offered via download online at our website here for easy access.

* - Shipping and handling fees apply.