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http://www.andiesisle.com/arms.of.your.love.html - Must have flash approved to be able to see this video.

http://brokenbelievers.com/247-crisis-lines/ - Hotlines including prayer. If you need someone to talk to, please look here.

http://4everyouthful.my90forlife.com/ - These products cure almost every disease you can think of.

https://www.give2app.com/ - Using this app donates to charity of your choice for free.

http://www.soulwinnerstshirt.com/ - Be a billboard for salvation through Jesus Christ.

http://www.emailministry.org - Uplifting spiritual emails sent a couple times a week.

http://www.instantfamily.org/ - Get Involved today. Adopt or become a Foster family today!

https://www.pinterest.com/amylynnorg/click-to-donate-click-to-give-non-profit/ - Click to give for free!

http://thecrayoninitiative.org/ - Recycling unwanted crayons into unlimited possibilities.






http://www.bestbuy.com/site/buying-guides/juicer-buying-guide/pcmcat323400050000.c?id=pcmcat323400050000 - Best Buy Juicer and blender buying guide. - Thank you Amanda!

Tyndale Rewards program where you earn points toward FREE books and Bibles. You'll automatically receive 25 points for signing up. Click here to join: http://www.myreaderrewardsclub.com/login?pc=it5m-r66g-3nrr-lyuu

https://m25m.org/pillbottles/ - Pill Bottle Donations.

http://www.naturessunshine.com/us/ - Safe, natural, and trusted vitamins.